Software for Risk Management

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Corporate Planner Risk Management

Risk Management

Corporate Planner Risk helps you to take the right measures for controlling risks. Safeguard the future of your business.

Systematic risk management

Businesses need to take risks in order to survive in the market over the long term. Risks therefore represent danger, yet at the same time they are prerequisite for a business to succeed. Corporate Planner Risk guides you systematically through each of the steps in the risk management process as you identify, assess, analyse, communicate, control, monitor and document the risks affecting your business. The solution assists you in complying with the statutory requirements regarding risk management. You also help to increase the level of risk awareness throughout the company.

Corporate Planner Risk Workflow

Corporate Planner Risk guides you systematically through the entire process of risk management. The software solution contains functions with which you identify, assess, analyse, communicate and monitor the risks.

Corporate Planner Risk analysis rankin

The risk structure helps you to compile a risk inventory. This is where you classify the risks into risk zones, risk fields and individual risks. You can then assess the probability of occurrence and the impact of each risk. The warning colours indicate whether you need to take action.

Corporate Planner Risk analysis portfolio

You have several analysis functions at your disposal, including rankings, portfolios and timeline charts.

Corporate Planner Risk manual

You produce your risk manuals to suit the needs of the auditors, individual users, departments, companies or for the entire group. If desired, the risks can be filtered according to the amount of potential damage or for particular users, such as the risk owner.

Corporate Planning zu Gast bei der UGOS in Bad Driburg

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