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Put speed into your sales with Corporate Planner Sales

Corporate Planner Sales Management

Sales Management

Corporate Planner Sales lets you answer any question on sales in seconds while keeping your eyes firmly on your prey – sales potential and product portfolio.

Planning and multidimensional analysis

Corporate Planner Sales is a software solution for multidimensional analysis that also comes with planning and simulation functions. With Corporate Planner Sales, sales management staff can plan flexibly in terms of employees, regions, countries, products or product groups, comparing scenarios and trends or looking at top-down distributions. The software takes the complexity out of multidimensional data.

Planning and multidimensional analysis with Corporate Planner Sales

Corporate Planner Sales puts sales data into two hierarchic tree structures known as Business Intelligence Trees, or BI trees for short. The first of these contains all the dimensions of the sales organisation, and the second contains all the dimensions of the product portfolio. Combine any dimensions you like from both BI trees by drag-and-drop and review your data from different perspectives.

Corporate Planner Sales Dashboard

The software offers a vast array of diagrams and charts for visualising the data. These assist you in your planning and are ideal for establishing a continuous flow of information to all the staff involved.

Corporate Planner Sales Cashflow

Within the system, each piece of information occurs only once at one central storage location. This principle of the single point of truth ensures a clear overall picture. Redundant records and error-prone manual data maintenance belong to the past.