Whether you prefer using a tablet, a smart phone or a desktop computer – with our web client, the Excel client or your personal dashboard you can access your data in the way that is most convenient for you.

  • Corporate Planner Dashboard Sales

    Use Corporate Planner Dashboard in your sales management. You could, for instance, display the sales in particular regions in a clear layout, along with the trends and a twelve-month rolling forecast. You might also rank your product sales in a chart and add a management summary explaining the figures to your report users.

    Sales Management Dashboard

    Corporate Planner Dashboard cost centres

    On the dashboard you can display the main cost types of a cost centre dynamically. In this example from the Accounts department you can see budget-actual variances, trends and absolute values.

    Corporate Planner Dashboard Workfow

    Corporate Planner Dashboard contains a workflow. This can serve as your home page to introduce the users to the dashboard and to help them find their way around the various pages.

  • Corporate Planner Business Logic Tree

    Corporate Planner business logic tree

  • Corporate Planner webclient tree

    With the Corporate Planner web client, you are fully mobile in corporate performance management. Simply call up your key business data and performance indicators on any platform and with any modern browser.
    The latest sales figures for the meeting, the current cash flow plan for negotiations with creditors or the monthly budgeted balance sheets can easily be accessed on a mobile device.
    The Business Intelligence Tree in the Corporate Planner web client provides a clear and straightforward means of navigation. With the reporting feature, you have local access to your saved reports as well as tables and planning input masks in Corporate Planner.

  • Corporate Planner Excel Client Report Type

    The Corporate Planner software is a smart and effective enhancement to the use of Excel in corporate performance management. Thanks to the full integration in Corporate Planne Excel Plus, the two systems are perfect team players.
    Reports can be compiled for all cost centres and contain every cost centre manager‘s planning.

    Excel Integration

    Targeted querying of Corporate Planner data – custom layouts in Excel are retained.

    Corporate Planner Excel Client reporting wizard

    Excel Client Reporting Wizard