Security based on Microsoft technology

With decades of experience as a software producer and as the operator of one of the world's largest online services, Microsoft provides the best security technologies. Corporate Planning counts on Azure, the cloud technology by Microsoft.

  • Security for your data

    Security for your data

    with Active Directory policies, configurations and integration

  • Encryption


    Encrypted communication with HTTPS/SSL

  • Protection from malware

    Protection from malware

    Antivirus software for cloud services and virtual machines

  • Intrusion detection

    Intrusion detection

    Prevention of DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks

  • Secure connections for virtual machines

    Secure connections for virtual machines

    Azure Virtual Network can extend your local network in the cloud with site-to-site VPN

  • Environmental sustainability

    Environmental sustainability

    Microsoft data centres are carbon neutral

Microsoft Azure meets more standards and certification requirements regarding information security, data protection and quality management than any other cloud provider