Import data automatically

The Corporate Planning software comes with over 100 integrations to all the major pre-systems that provide data for corporate performance management. The import procedure runs smoothly and automatically.

Seamlessly connected to your system environment

Our integrations build reliable connections between any pre-systems – ERP systems, software for financial and cost accounting, and the payroll processing software used in human resource management, for instance – and the Corporate Planning software. Once configured, the integrations automatically import all the current data you need for your corporate performance management tasks. You can import your data from Microsoft Excel, text file formats such as *.csv, *.txt or *.xml, or through the direct relational database link. Whenever values change in any of the connected pre-systems, our integrations can retrieve them automatically.

  • Technology import

    Automated data import

    Your figures are always up to date, and your processes much less prone to error.

  • Mandanten

    Multi-client capable, integrated data import

    The import of data to the Corporate Planning solution is multi-client capable.

  • Drill down

    Drill-down to the scanned voucher

    The principle of the single point of truth means that you can trace every value back to the underlying accounting entry.

  • Reporting

    Work on location

    You can easily transfer the data from all your on-site and off-site departments.

  • Performance

    Performance gain

    Compressed and faster processing of the stored data allows a significant gain in performance.

  • Version

    A safe investment

    We adjust all our integrations whenever a new version of one of your pre-systems is released, and update them automatically.

Standard integrations

  • MS Dynamics


  • 1C

  • IGEL

  • APplus

  • Unit4 Business World

  • enova

  • KROS

  • directo

  • Express eNVenta

  • PHC Software

  • Lexware Vertrieb

  • proALpha Vertrieb

  • MS Dyn NAV Vertrieb

  • Varial Personalwesen

  • Amondis

  • GUS

  • Datev Anlagenbuchhaltung

  • Trapeze

  • SIV.AG kVASy

  • SP_Data kVASy

  • SP_Data

  • NAPA3

  • VIA-S


  • RELion Offene Posten

  • RELion Kostenrechnung

  • RELion Finanzbuchhaltung

  • realax Kostenrechnung

  • realax Finanzbuchhaltung

  • BDS

  • rona:office

  • Sage Business Cloud Enterprise KoRe

  • Sage Business Cloud Enterprise FiBu

  • Exact Globe

  • KoSS FiBu


  • Polypoint

  • MS Dyn NAV Warenwirtschaft

  • ITS Immobilien Treuhand Software GmbH


  • BRZ Software

  • M·SOFT

  • snap


  • Aareon Blue Eagle

  • Aareon Wodis Sigma

  • Sage HR

  • SAP R3 / ERP (certified)

  • Yardi

  • XBA

  • Wilken Entire C/S 2

  • vivendi NG

  • Varial Guide Varial World Edition

  • Unit4 Multivers

  • syska ProFI

  • Simba Software

  • SHCWare

  • SelectLine

  • Schraml

  • Schleupen

  • SBS (SQL Server only)

  • SAP business One

  • Sally

  • Sage ERP (50, 100, 200, X3, b7)

  • RZL

  • Rs2

  • prohibis

  • ProAlpha

  • Perfacto

  • PDS

  • P&I Loga

  • NEVARIS Finance

  • MyFactory

  • AX NAV


  • Mesonic WINLine

  • MEGA Software GmbH

  • Lexware

  • MegaPlus

  • MediFox

  • Lawson Movex

  • Integra

  • Infor Finance - Global Financials LN/M3/M4

  • HUP Finanzsoftware

  • HS Software (IBM)

  • Gypsilon Software


  • GO ON

  • Geteco Contura

  • GDI

  • FibuNet

  • Exact

  • E&S

  • Domus Software AG

  • Diamant R2/R3

  • DCW

  • Datev Pro

  • COMARCH ERP / Financials

  • CSS eGECKO / FixFibu


  • CareMan

  • C & S

  • b&p

  • BMD

  • base4IT

  • AMIC A.eins


  • Agenda


  • Adata

  • Abas

  • Abacus

  • Aareon GES ERP

CP-Connectivity Express

The CP-Connectivity Express integration connects your back-office systems with the Corporate Planning software. The data transformation and structure import are already configured. Changes occurring in the pre-system are included automatically. This leaves you with more time to concentrate on worthwhile business management activities, i.e. planning, analysis and reporting. An optional drill-down to the scanned vouchers in the document management system allows you to get the most out of the integration and provides transparency.

Standard connection to more than 100 ERP systems