Your advantages at a glance

We have equipped the CP-Suite with versatile tools for connecting back-office systems. Whether by way of Microsoft Excel, using text file formats (e.g. csv, txt or xml) or through the direct relational database link, the transformation and loading of structures and data from all common pre-systems is a user-friendly and intuitive procedure.

  • Automation of data import

  • Multi-client capable, integrated import of data to the CP-Suite

  • Drill down

    Direct drill-down from the CP-Suite to your pre-system – to the scanned voucher if desired, which provides a high level of detail with excellent transparency.

  • Reporting

    Data transfer possible with in-house and external financial accounting

  • Performance

    Significant performance gain through compressed and faster processing of the stored data

  • An extremely safe investment – as new pre-system versions are released, the integration is updated and enhanced

Standard integrations

  • BRZ Software

  • M·SOFT

  • snap


  • Aareon Blue Eagle

  • Aareon Wodis Sigma

  • sage HR

  • SAP R3 / ERP (certified)

  • Yardi

  • XBA

  • Wilken Entire C/S 2

  • vivendi NG

  • Varial Guide Varial World Edition

  • Unit4 Multivers

  • Syska SQL Rewe

  • Simba Software

  • SHCWare

  • SelectLine

  • Schraml

  • Schleupen

  • SBS (SQL Server only)

  • SAP business One

  • Sally

  • sage ERP (50, 100, 200, X3, b7)

  • RZL

  • Rs2

  • prohibis

  • ProAlpha

  • Perfacto

  • PDS

  • P&I Loga

  • NEVARIS Finance

  • MyFactory

  • AX NAV

  • Micos konzept

  • Mesonic WINLine

  • MEGA Software GmbH

  • Lexware

  • MegaPlus

  • MediFox

  • Lawson Movex

  • Integra

  • Infor Finance - Global Financials LN/M3/M4

  • HUP Finanzsoftware

  • HS Software (IBM)

  • Gypsilon Software


  • GO ON

  • Geteco Contura

  • GDI

  • FibuNet

  • Exact

  • E&S

  • Domus Software AG

  • Diamant R2/R3

  • DCW

  • Datev Pro

  • COMARCH ERP / Financials

  • CSS eGECKO / FixFibu


  • CareMan

  • C & S

  • b&p

  • BMD

  • base4IT

  • AMIC A.eins


  • Agenda


  • Adata

  • Abas

  • Abacus

  • Aareon GES ERP

CP-Connectivity Express

CP-Connectivity Express builds a reliable, secure connection between all back-office systems and Corporate Planner.

We have already configured the data transformation and structure import, so you need not be concerned about how your data are transferred from your pre-system to Corporate Planner. Smart mechanisms ensure that any changes occurring in the pre-system are included automatically. This leaves you with more time to concentrate on the things that really matter in business management – planning, analysis and reporting. An optional drill-down to the scanned vouchers in the document management system helps you to get the most out of the integration and creates transparency.

Standard connection to more than 100 ERP systems