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Decentralized, compact and cost-conscious

The way in which we work and accumulate knowledge is changing. We want to get quick and compact answers to our questions without leaving our desks. To meet this need, alongside live training, the Corporate Planning Campus offers a sophisticated eLearning format.

All eLearning packages consist of three components: compact videos that can be viewed online at your convenience, accompanying course material to download, and online consulting. Our eLearning therefore provides an opportunity for preparation and revision, for clarification of any questions you may have, and for the discussion of your company-specific challenges.

Contents of our eLearning packages

  • Compact videos: In short training units, we will give you a click-by-click demonstration of the functions and equip you with knowledge on all aspects of the use of Corporate Planner. The videos can be viewed online and will remain available to you permanently.
  • Accompanying course material: For active participation and revision, you will receive course notes and checklists with supplementary background information to download.
  • Online consulting: For individual topics, you can arrange an hour of Consulting on Demand at short notice with one of our consultants. In addition to questions about the training course content, you can discuss the ongoing development of your structures and processes and obtain professional advice.
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      As a manager, financial controller or dashboard designer, do you ever have the feeling that your reports perhaps aren’t as effective as you’d like them to be? If so, let us show you how using consistent notation can increase the likelihood that your reports will actually be read and understood. Studies have shown that consistent notation leads to 61% fewer misinterpretations and speeds up comprehension by 46%.

      • Five sections with a total of 38 easily digestible lessons. Each lesson is between five and ten minutes long.
      • Interactive videos interspersed with quiz questions
      • Tests to check your learning progress
      • Workbook (PDF download) with exercises