Operational Management


Corporate Planner OC

With new case studies, our OC experts will convey how you, as a Designer, can build and maintain integrated planning models efficiently and will give an insight into how Writers and Readers can use the Web Client.

  • Target group

    Corporate Planner OC Designers who have a working knowledge which they would like to refresh and deepen with several case studies.

  • Benefits

    In new case studies on the topics of branch management and fleet management, you will build on your skills in using the master-client method, complex formulae and global parameters, and receive an introduction to the Web Client for planning and analysis.

Training Topics

  • Importing structures and values

  • Using filters and adjusting sources automatically

  • Creating, validating and using master trees for building and updating your model

  • The summary function

  • Checking the structure with the table report

  • Individual and global parameters

  • Complex formulae and key ratios

  • Planning objects

  • The Adjust Structure function for integrated planning models

  • Understanding and routine in relation to import and the master-client method

  • Analysis and planning in the full client and in the Web Client

  • Tips & tricks