Corporate Planner OC

In Corporate Planner OC you can build structures for the various areas of operational management in order to analyse business data and to manage your business with a forward-looking approach.

  • Target group

    Designers of Corporate Planner OC who build structures, import data, create reports and prepare the planning.

  • Benefits

    In realistic case studies covering topics that include sales planning, HR planning and commission planning, as a power user you will gain confidence in building and updating integrated structures in Corporate Planner OC. After these three days, you will be ready to take on a leading role in the digitisation of your company-wide planning and reporting process.

Training content

  • Navigation

  • Setting up users

  • Function shares and section shares

  • Building structures with complex logic for HR management and for calculating commission based on sales

  • Depicting individual parameters and global parameters

  • Automations for building and updating structures

  • Integrated planning

  • Sunburst charts and other analyses

  • Creating master reports

  • Designing the report layout

  • Calculations within reports

  • Dedicated sharing of reports and planning input masks

  • plus additional content listed in "OC Basics" and "OC Reporting"