Corporate Planner Reporting Studio

Recipient-oriented reporting depends on clear messages and a uniform notation system. With Corporate Planner Reporting Studio, based on the principles of the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS®), these are only a few clicks away.

  • Target group

    Users of the CP-Reporting Studio solution who are looking to set up an IBCS®-compliant, multipage reporting system across all modules that also allows commenting.

  • Benefits

    Our experienced instructors will enable you to set up a recipient-oriented reporting system and to continue to develop it independently. You will also receive a compact overview of the theory behind IBCS® (SUCCESS formula).

Training Topics

  • Basics

    Introduction to the SUCCESS formula (theoretical principles) Overview of the function range of the CP-Web Client and CP-Reporting Studio

    • Case Study

      Theoretical background and practical application of various visualization options in the context of a case study comprising:

      • financial management (data source: CP-Finance)
      • sales management (data source: CP-Sales)
      • HR management (data source: CP-OC)
    • Checklist

      Working out a structured approach for independent implementation and ongoing development at home