16 Oct

Corporate Planner Cons Consolidation Level 1

Wien CP Corporate Planning AG Wien from 16.10.2018 10:00 to 16.10.2018  17:00 from 17.10.2018 9:00 to 17.10.2018 16:00
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  • Corporate Planner Cons Consolidation Level 1

    Whether for a corporation, a holding company or a group – proceed systematically from displaying the single entity through to the complete overview. You will also depict all manner of shareholdings and various ownership structures.

  • Participants and previous knowledge

    For users of the CP-Cons solution with specialist knowledge in the field of consolidation.

Training Topics

  • Function range in CP-Cons

  • Preparing the consolidated financial statement: building the chart of accounts structure, data import

  • Elimination of intercompany investments on one level: initial and historical consolidations, treatment of goodwill

  • Subsequent valuation and consolidation

  • Multilevel elimination of intercompany investments: subgroups, cross-holdings

  • Special cases in the elimination of intercompany investments: proportionate consolidation, equity method of accounting

  • Sascha Zacharias

    Marketing / Vertrieb

    CP Corporate Planning AG

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    When several participants from the same company attend the same open training course on the same day, they will receive a company discount on the list price per person. Company discounts are scaled as follows: 10% off per person for two participants; 30% off per person for three participants or more.