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Corporate Planner OC Professional Level 3

Hamburg CP Corporate Planning AG from 13.12.2018 10:00 to 13.12.2018  17:00 from 14.12.2018 9:00 to 14.12.2018 16:00
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  • Corporate Planner OC Professional Level 3

    A whole list of contribution margin analysis and cost apportionment specifications? Come up with alternative solutions, consider their advantages and disadvantages with your fellow professionals and your trainer, and implement the optimum solution.

  • Participants and previous knowledge

    For users of the CP-OC solution. Prerequisite: CP-OC · Intermediate · Level 2

Training Topics

  • Putting specifications into concrete terms

  • Developing alternative solutions

  • Creating a P&L analysis for organisational units

  • Creating a contribution margin analysis

  • Defining a cost apportionment

  • Bilingual reporting

  • Column report, multiple column sets

  • Building an HR management structure

  • Company discounts for customers with a Software Maintenance Agreement

    When several participants from the same company attend the same open training course on the same day, they will receive a company discount on the list price per person. Company discounts are scaled as follows: 10% off per person for two participants; 30% off per person for three participants or more.