16 Nov

Corporate Planner OC Reporting Level 1.2

online from 16.11.2018 09:00 to 16.11.2018 12:15
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  • Corporate Planner OC Reporting Level 1.2

    In this online Training session, learn how to produce Controlling Reports using the current data from Corporate Planner together with your own content in an attractive design in Microsoft Word.

  • Participants and previous knowledge

    For users of the CP-OC and CP-Finance solutions. Prerequisite: CP-OC · Beginner · Level 1

Training Topics

  • Possible applications of the Controlling Report

  • Procedure and settings in Word

  • Incorporating Boss-Box views

  • Incorporating CP commands

  • Boss-Box views compared with CP commands

  • Incorporating Boss-Box views compared with CP commands

  • CP command syntax

  • Required attributes

  • Optional attributes

  • Handling and output optimisations

  • Company discounts for customers with a Software Maintenance Agreement

    When several participants from the same company attend the same open training course on the same day, they will receive a company discount on the list price per person. Company discounts are scaled as follows: 10% off per person for two participants; 30% off per person for three participants or more.