CP-Sales · Level 1

Analyse your sales data in terms of any dimensions you wish, such as by region, country, representative or customer, and set a filter according to what you want to know. You can also use plenty of planning functions for sales management.

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    Your professional development and success are very important to us - and we strive to reflect this in our software training. We offer a wide range of training courses: as well as live training at various locations, you can choose from a large number of online training courses.

  • Participants and previous knowledge

    Users of Corporate Planner Finance.


  • Einführung in das Vertriebscontrolling

  • Vorstellung Corporate Planner Sales

  • Multidimensionalität mit dem BI-Tree

  • Navigieren in zwei hierarchischen Baumstrukturen

  • Struktur, Werttypen und Import

  • Vertriebs-, Organisations-, Produktstruktur

  • Analysen und Sichten

  • Dimensionen, z.B. Kunden, Regionen, Produkte

  • Erweiterung der Werttypen bis zum DB

  • Arten von Werttypen und Rechenregeln

  • Planung mit Umsatz, Menge, Preis

  • Planung von Kennzahlen

  • Reporting

  • Export nach Excel

  • Rechte und Bereichsfreigaben

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    Customers with a software maintenance contract receive separate conditions when registering at least two persons.