18 Dec

Formulae · Overview 1

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  • Formulae · Overview 1

    Depict relationships in your business using formulae and have a look at the formula syntax. Put together complex formulae with a methodical approach while keeping track of how they are calculated.

  • Participants and previous knowledge

    Users of the Corporate Planner, Corporate Planner Cost, Corporate Planner HR and Corporate Planner Invest solutions. Attendance of Corporate Planner Basics · Level 1 is prerequisite.

  • Level of knowledge


Training Topics

  • Basic principles of formula construction

  • Principle of the individual functions

  • Distinction from planning objects

  • Distinction from key ratios

  • Methods of building complex formulae

  • Selected application examples from business administration theory

  • Optional: automatic formulae

  • Optional: formula hybrid fields

Your coach

  • Silke Gebhard

    Senior Consultant

    CP Corporate Planning AG

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    € 150.00 per person