IBCS Certified Consultant

Certification Course

Implementing the SUCCESS formula of the IBCS standards in an organization is a task that is as appealing as it is challenging to consultants and in-house staff with several years of practical experience in corporate performance management or business intelligence projects.

  • Objective

    Having attended this course, participants will be able to implement the SUCCESS formula of the IBCS standards in client projects or in their own organization.

  • Prerequisites

    • Previous attendance of the one-day introductory IBCS with SUCCESS seminar • In-depth knowledge of the IBCS standards to be demonstrated by passing an online assessment. To prepare for this assessment, attending the IBCS Workshop is recommended.


  • 9:00 am

    Welcome and Introductions

    • Participants, programme and organization
  • 9:30 am

    IBCS® with SUCCESS

    • Conceptual rules
    • Perceptual rules
    • Semantic rules
  • 10:45 am


    • Rules for conveying messages and for organizing content
    • Barbara Minto's Pyramid Principle
  • 12:30 pm

    Lunch Break

    • 1:30 pm

      Group Exercise on Conceptual Design

      • Creating a storyline for a presentation by applying the Pyramid Principle
      • Presentation and discussion of the results
    • 4:00 pm


      • Rules for choosing proper visualization: dos and don'ts
      • How to avoid clutter
    • 6:00 pm

      Evening Programme

      • Sightseeing and get-together
    • Day 2:

      • 9:00 am


        • Recapitulation of Day One
      • 9:15 am

        CONDENSE and CHECK

        • A systematic approach to increasing information density
        • Ensuring visual integrity through the correct use of scaling
      • 11:00

        UNIFY and IBCS® Notation Manual

        • Benefits of applying notation standards
        • Topics for standardized notation
        • Corporate design guidelines
      • 12:30 pm

        Lunch Break

        • 1:30 pm

          Group Exercise on Visualization

          • Designing charts to support a presentation with a given storyline
          • Presentation and discussion of the results
        • 4:00 pm


          • Notation concept
          • Management sponsorship
          • Software support
        • Evening homework

          Task Assignment and Individual Preparation of a Brief Presentation for Day Three

          • Day 3:

            • 9:00 am

              Presentations of Results

              • Brief presentation of the homework
              • Discussion in a plenary session
            • 12:30 pm

              Lunch Break

              • 1:30 pm

                Open Topics

                • Discussion of possible topics for future versions of IBCS
              • 2:45 pm


                • Certificate examination with 10 open questions about IBCS
              • 3:45 pm


                • Feedback and next steps
              • 4:00 pm

                End of the Course