IBCS® Training


Deepen your knowledge of the IBCS® rules for efficient business communication and, working in groups, prioritise and practise them using real-life examples.

  • Seminar Benefits

    This training is aimed exclusively at the CP Partner Network. In this training session, you will deepen your knowledge of the SUCCESS rules for the professional design of management reports and presentations according to IBCS®. With exercises and examples provided by your fellow participants, you will reinforce and gain practical experience in what you have already learned.

  • Topics

    Working in groups, you will practise and prioritise the 98 conceptual, perceptual and semantic rules and receive guidelines for developing an in-house notation manual. In a workshop session, you will have the opportunity to analyse and improve a selection of reports provided by fellow participants. Tips and tricks on implementing the reports in Excel and an overview of how software can help you will add the finishing touch to the seminar.

  • How to Take Part

    Owing to the current corona situation, the face-to-face training session is limited to a maximum of 16 participants.