Operational Management

Financial & Management Accounting

Stage II

Broaden your in-depth knowledge of modern corporate performance management methods. Financial & Management Accounting Stage II supplements the financial controller's toolkit in the following areas: the basics of financial accounting, medium-term financial planning, value-driven corporate performance management, management of structure costs and fixed costs, the Basics of sales management and transfer pricing.

  • Target group

    Specialists and executive managers, financial controllers and accounting staff.

  • Benefits

    • Enhance your portfolio in strategic, profit and financial management • Gain a firm grounding in management and financial accounting • Discover modern, IT-based methods of managing structure costs and sales activities with a targeted approach

  • Available Online

    The seminar is also offered as live online training.

Training content

  • From the budget to the P&L in cost summary and cost of sales format

  • Budgeted balance sheet and cash flow statement for financial management and working capital

  • Monte Carlo simulation and scenarios for risk assessment

  • Financial analysis: liquidity, stability and profitability

  • Distorting effects on KPIs of transfer prices set for tax purposes

  • Internal cost allocation for efficient resource management

  • Cost efficiency: activity-based costing and zero-based budgeting

  • Digital transformation process mining and robotic process automation

  • Big Data in sales /marketing with predictive analytics & dynamic pricing

  • Target costing drives customer value and is a form of strategic costing

  • Determining and increasing enterprise value: SHV and EVA™

  • Field service management: P&L by profit centre, by segment and by customer, bonus model and KPI cockpit, KPIs for the digital sales world

  • Fixed assets: cost of capital, payback period, net present value, profitability and portfolio; internal rate of return