Operational Management

Stage IV

Planning & Implementation

Practise using the main methods of corporate performance management in a team. In Stage IV, the focus is on designing a management accounting system for preliminary planning, developing an integrated planning concept, financial management and current trends in corporate performance management practice.

  • Target group

    Specialists and executive managers, financial controllers and accounting staff, as well as consultants and non-financial professionals wishing to enhance their practical skills in corporate performance management.

  • Benefits

    • You will apply your knowledge in practical tasks • You will work through your own real-life examples • You will learn methods of continuous self-improvement

  • Available Online

    The seminar is also offered as live online training.

Training Content

  • Planning concept for production and administration cost centres (incl. shared service centres)

  • Costing and contribution margin analysis methodologies and their harmonisation with the P&L

  • Business plan: linking strategic and operational planning with the financial plan

  • Inclusion of external requirements such as risk management and bank Rating

  • Organising a planning conference

  • Managing structural cash flow and free cash flow with the P&L, balance sheet and cash flow statement

  • Managing working capital in the cash-to-cash cycle (DSO, DPO, DIO)

  • Corporate financing (gearing, leverage effect, cost of capital)

  • Hedging financial risks (e.g. currencies, commodity prices) with options, swaps and futures

  • Financial analysis using KPIs

  • Current highlights of IFRS accounting

  • Problem-solving in a team, presentation and discussion of participants' topics

  • Transparency for financial controllers: measuring and managing one's own performance