Operational Management

Stage V

Presentation & Moderation for Financial Controllers

Improve your communication skills and perception when working in groups. In Stage V, the following topics will be covered in detail: strategic analysis and planning, presentation and moderation in plenary sessions and in teams, as well as problem-solving techniques ranging from the composition of teams to the visualisation of their findings.

  • Target group

    Specialists and executive managers, financial controllers and accounting staff.

  • Benefits

    • Using video analysis, you will come up with key recommendations for improving your presentation • You will hone your communicative skills as a financial controller and business partner • You will examine in detail how to approach specific corporate performance management tasks • You will receive personal feedback and advice on implementation

Training Content

  • Training in methods: strategic analysis, using the Canvas strategic planning method

  • Visualisation, presentation and moderation techniques

  • Minute-taking methods

  • Using targeted questioning techniques, above all when moderating

  • Personal skills: promoting and interfering behavioural patterns in teams and in plenary sessions

  • Presentation work in plenary sessions

  • Moderating teams and plenary sessions

  • Recommendations on behaviour in such situations

  • Observing and giving feedback on behaviour with video Analysis

  • Team analysis: phases of Teamwork

  • Composition and efficiency of teams

  • Structuring the work process

  • Visualising the findings

  • Reflecting on one's own actions

  • As a participant: what would I like to implement, and how, where and when would I implement it?

  • Success factors for implementation as a reinforcement of what has been learned