09 Apr

Universities · Level 1

Hamburg CP Corporate Planning AG 2 days
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  • Universities · Level 1

    Bridge the gap between theory and practice. Let us introduce you to a selection of our solutions with reference to case studies.

  • Participants and previous knowledge

    Lecturers and academic staff at universities. No previous knowledge required.

Training Topics

  • Operational business planning

  • Flexibility of the BI Tree

  • Processing logic and information retrieval

  • Analysis functions and ad-hoc charts

  • Building a tree structure

  • Data input

  • Planning and budgeting functions

  • Formulae and key ratios for business administration

  • Automatic data import and structure build

  • Basic principles of the master-client method

  • Basics of reporting

  • Integrated financial planning

  • Introduction to CP-Finance and the financial planning process

  • Charts of accounts and classifications

  • Individual switching accounts and items

  • Importing the actual data from financial accounting

  • Expenses and revenue planning

  • Calculating the balance sheet and cash flow statement

  • Transferring the planning data from the operational plans

  • Investment and credit planning

  • Provisions and deferred items

  • Key ratios, analyses and reporting

Your Coach

  • Regina Schwarz

    Customer Education and Training Manager

    CP Corporate Planning AG

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