“We’ll implement what our customers want the most”

Sven Baade on the new platform for ideas

Be the driving force behind the development of our software. Submit your ideas about our solutions and, with other users, vote on which suggested improvements you would like us to implement. Chief Product Officer Sven Baade gives a short interview on the forthcoming launch of our new ideas platform.

Corporate Planning will soon be going live with an ideas platform for the users of its software solutions. What exactly does that mean?

With the new ideas platform, we are giving our customers the opportunity to comment and make detailed suggestions for improving our solutions and individual features. Other users will then have a chance to consider the various ideas and rate them. This will let us know what our customers would like the most so that we can develop our software to suit their needs even better.

If I were a Corporate Planning software user and had a suggestion for improvement, what would I need to do for my idea to be implemented?

First, you would need to register. You can do this quickly and easily from within our software. There’s a button that takes you straight to the platform and then, once you have registered, to an intuitive dialogue where you can enter your suggestions for the individual solutions. You can describe your ideas by uploading sketches, attaching files and adding text. When you have finished, your suggestion will be published, so all users of the platform can view and vote on the suggestions you have made. At the end, the votes cast will produce a ranking to indicate which new features and improvements our customers would most like to have. If your suggestion is one of the ideas with the most votes, we will add it to our roadmap.

When will the platform be up and running?

We aim to have the work completed by the end of February and for the platform to be online no later than mid-March. We will of course notify our customers again separately when it’s ready. Then, from within the Corporate Planning software, they will also be able to go to a website with all the information they need about the new ideas platform and how to use it. I am already looking forward to the first suggestions for improvements and to seeing how the users respond to them.

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